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Moving to a different state means updating your will


You know your time on Earth is limited to an unknown amount of years, months, weeks and days. One of the best ways to ensure you are being responsible with your time and investments is developing an estate plan. Having a will is an important part of estate planning.

Creating a will at one point in your life may require updates and changes as circumstances in your life shift. For example, not all states have the exact same laws surrounding wills. When you move from one state to the next, you will want to make sure your will and how it is setup is valid in your new state. Invalid wills can cause problems when they are not resolved afterwards.

Not everything must be changed

You shouldn’t have to update your entire will if you have a new address listed. Even the addresses of any beneficiaries you have listed. However, you should always check with a legal advisor in your new state to see what aspects of your will are valid and which may need to be changed to legal compliance.

State compliance is key

Not only do you want your will to be valid, but also effective in serving the purpose you have put forth. Many families are seeking to protect their assets and have them distributed according to their wishes. This is possible when you have a trusted lawyer review your will and help you get everything updated.

Moving to a different state is often filled with many other responsibilities to get in order. However, taking time to get your will reviewed and updated is vital to your estate planning and your peace of mind.