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Is there anything I shouldn’t do after an accident?


Most residents of the Killeen and Fort Hood areas have some idea of what to do should they get into an accident. For example, they probably know that they need to remain at the scene, try to help anyone who is hurt and call the police at the appropriate time.

Some may even know that after a car accident, they should go to their doctors for an evaluation as to whether they suffered from a personal injury which may not have been evident at the time of the crash. A handful of Texans may even start gathering notes, contact information for witnesses, medical bills, and the like just in case they will later need to get a lawyer involved or go to court.

There also some things that a person should avoid doing, even at the risk of appearing unfriendly or even harsh and mean. For one, it is important not to suggest that one is responsible for an accident, even by doing something as simple as apologizing.

Equally important, one should be careful not to excuse a negligent driver’s mistake or somehow imply that everything is fine, especially by accepting money from the other driver.

When it comes to the days and weeks after the accident, it is best not to talk about it in detail except with one’s attorney or, to some extent, one’s own insurance company. This includes refraining from posting detailed updates on social media.

If someone is asked to give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company or, even more so, is offered a document to sign, then he or she should not take action until he or she discussed the matter with his or her attorney.