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6 tips for avoiding auto accidents


Nobody wants to be involved in an auto accident. It is a scary experience and may result in serious injuries and damage. However, accidents happen. That is why they are called accidents. The good news is you can take control on Texas roadways and do things that can help you to stay safe and avoid being in a car accident.

Here are six tips that can help make you a better driver and keep you safer on the roads.

1. Don’t drink and drive

This should be a given. You should never get behind the wheel if you have had anything to drink. Always have a designated driver if you will be drinking while away from home.

2. Don’t speed

Consumer Reports notes speeding is a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. It makes it more difficult for other vehicles to gauge your speed. It also reduces reaction time.

3. Choose a safe car

When buying a vehicle, you should look into its safety rating. Check out the safety features. Ensure the vehicle is designed to keep you safe in a crash.

4. Avoid distracted driving

Distracted driving can be anything that takes your focus off the road. Do not use your cell phone, mess with the radio, eat or do any other activity when you are driving. Your complete focus must be on the road.

5. Keep the right distance

You should ensure you are staying a good distance away from the vehicle in front of you by following the three second rule, according to Safe Bee. The three second rule says you should be able to count to three from the time the car in front of you hits a fixed point until you hit that fixed point.

6. Look ahead

You should not focus only on the car in front of you. You should be looking ahead on the road way. This will help you to see issues up head and prepare you for the unexpected.