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Multiple dead in fatal multi-vehicle car crash


When a sudden car accident claims the life of a loved one, family members often feel devastated not only by their loss but by the senselessness of the act-they do not understand what happened and why the driver who caused the accident was not more careful in avoiding the crash. The daughter of a couple who died in a fatal multi-vehicle car accident in Texas recently voiced the same sentiment, just asking to understand what happened.

According to the authorities, four people died and six others were seriously injured in a car accident recently. According to investigators, the main vehicle was heading north on the road when it slowed down for an unknown reason. A pickup truck behind it rear-ended the main vehicle, setting off the chain of events that would devastate many families.

The collision sent the main vehicle whirling into southbound lanes, where a vehicle traveling south struck it. A northbound utility truck then hit this third vehicle. The main vehicle was also struck by another vehicle headed south. Two 15-year-olds in the main vehicle died as a result of their injuries and the 16-year-old driver and another passenger were taken to the hospital for medical attention for their serious injuries. The 51-year-olds in the third vehicle also died in the fatal crash and the 24-year-old pregnant driver and four-year-old passenger were transported to the hospital. According to the authorities, investigators were going to thoroughly analyze the extensive crash scene to ensure a thorough job is done.

Though it may not be possible to piece together everything that went wrong in a car crash, having a skilled attorney investigate the accident may be beneficial for pursuing compensation after a fatal car accident. Compensation received through a personal injury lawsuit may be able to cover medical or funeral expenses.

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