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Overview of how child support gets figured in Texas

Unlike several other states, Texas uses what is called a net income approach to figuring child support. What this means is that a Killeen parent's income, and only that income, will be what determines the support obligation of that parent.

Basically, income includes just about any payment a parent gets no matter the source, although certain items are excluded. Certain deductions are taken out of this figure, mostly for taxes, but also to give a parent appropriate credit when he or she is providing health insurance for the children

How we can help those arrested on drunk driving charges

A person need not be an expert in criminal law to know that getting a drunk driving conviction can be a serious affair. Even for a first-time offender who was simply stopped by a police officer after having a few drinks with friends, a conviction can mean a lot of hardship in both the short term and the long term.

Killeen and Fort Hood residents convicted of a DWI may not be able to drive for several months, and they will likely have to pay fines and face other consequences. In some cases, jail is a possibility, and a person convicted may have to also deal with professional fallout depending on their line of work.

Can the government be liable for injuries on public property?

Sometimes the liability for an injury is a black-and-white matter. When an aggressive dog, whose owner failed to use a leash, bites you, the owner is accountable. Sometimes liability is not quite so easy to identify, though, as when you sustain an injury on public property—and it may not be the result of a single person's negligence.

In such circumstances, you might wonder whether you can hold local, state or federal government legally accountable for your injuries. There are certainly cases in which plaintiffs have attempted to hold government entities accountable for injuries, but the answer to this question depends on a few factors.

Distracted driving season still in full swing

A previous post on this blog discussed who people are most likely to be communicating with when they choose to engage in distracted driving. This same report also described what some might call a distracted driving season, that is, a time of the year in which it is more likely that an innocent Texas motorist might be victimized by a distracted driver.

Specifically, in June, July and August, the frequency of distracted driving goes up about 10 percent over the rest of the year.

Who are people talking to when they drive distracted?

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, distracted driving is not only illegal in Texas, it is also very unsafe and leads to serious personal injury. A Killeen resident who engages in this sort of behavior, even if he only takes his eyes off of the road for a second or two, runs the risk of causing a fatal car accident or, at least, an accident that leaves a victim seriously injured.

Nevertheless, Texans and those across the country seem unable to resist the urge to pick up their cell phones and try to talk without a hands-free device, or, perhaps worse, send a text. Statistics from a recent survey suggest that in most cases, someone who is texting and driving is communicating with his or her spouse or significant other. People are also very likely to communicate behind the wheel with their children and with close friends.

People still texting and driving even kids in car

Some of the latest statistics regarding distracted driving are not encouraging when it comes to evaluating whether and to what extent stepped up enforcement against texting in driving here in Texas and in other parts of the country are working.

According to this study, which was conducted last year, around 50 percent of parents are willing to use their cell phones while their children are in the car riding with them. More disturbingly, about a third of parents admitted to taking their eyes off the road long enough to read a text, and a quarter of them admitted to sending instant messages. One in seven admitted to using social media, like Instagram.

Can I leave an inheritance to my pets?

The classic Walt Disney movie The Aristocats paints a cute picture – without any human relatives, a wealthy woman leaves her fortune to her beloved cats. You love your pets as much as the character in the movie did. However, leaving an inheritance to your furry family members doesn’t happen like it sometimes does in Hollywood. You and other Texas pet lovers can make sure your pets are taken care of after you die, but it doesn’t mean leaving your estate to them.

You have two main options for ensuring your pets’ well-being if you die before they do. Because the law considers pets to be property, you can leave them to someone in your will. This could be an effective solution if you have no qualms about your chosen caregiver knowing how to care for your pets and giving them the love and attention they deserve.

What if I am disabled but have a drug or alcohol problem?

Having a physical or mental limitation that it makes it hard for a person to work can be a real emotional burden on Texans.

Sadly, many people who have disabilities turn to drugs of alcohol for comfort. In other cases, a person's alcoholism or drug problem can leave them suffering with debilitating injuries or medical problems.

What are my options if I need to move with my children?

Many residents of Killeen and Fort Hood, even those not affiliated with the military, find themselves needing to make a move to another state. Of course, with Texas being so large, even certain moves in state can have the same effect as moving to another state.

Parental relocation issues are difficult for Texans who are trying to raise kids on their own or who are, for that matter, trying to maintain a relationship with their children even though their relationship with the child's other parent did not work out.

Watch out for these slip-and-fall injury hazards

Slip-and-fall injuries are the most common types of personal injuries people experience, and they can occur anywhere, from the workplace to a public shopping mall. These injuries may seem relatively inconsequential, but the truth is that sometimes they provoke quite serious injuries that require extensive medical attention.

Property owners are responsible for providing safe premises for people on their property. That means if you are shopping at a store and there is a condition that causes you to suffer an injury, the property owner may be liable as the cause of your injury. There are several common hazards you should watch out for when going about your errands and business on public property; here are three of the top ones.

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