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New bill seeks continuation of veterans’ benefit tool

Benefits available to individuals from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs are not handouts. They are hard-earned entitlements, with many servicemembers assuming material risks and paying a dear price for their protections. Texas residents know that especially well, given the state’s prominent patriotism and outsized veteran population.

The pro-veteran and military supportive Killeen law firm of Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer represents former military members with passion and commitment in VA-related matters. We stress on our website that, if you served the country, “you deserve to receive the benefits you earned as a veteran.”

Do not ignore leg pain after a car accident

If you, like most Texas residents, drive on a daily basis, you have a high chance of being involved in a car accident. Though you may have driven years without experiencing a collision, your luck recently ran out, and you have felt shaken and achy since. It is important that you pay attention to any pain or discomfort you have because even seemingly minor issues could point to more serious harm.

Hopefully, you went to your primary care doctor for an assessment even if you did not receive medical treatment immediately after the accident. Of course, if you are experiencing pain, going to your doctor is a smart step to take. In particular, if you experience leg pain after the crash, you do not want to write it off as something inconsequential.

What does a Texas wrongful death remedy provide for?

First of all, let’s state the obvious: Commencing a legal action is not foremost on the minds of surviving family members following the death of a loved one.

And, as true as that is in any instance, it is even more of a certainty when a family fatality owes to third-party wrongdoing.

Proactive response to violation of a family law enforcement order

Some – candidly, many – divorcing Texas couples view marital dissolution in terms akin to a drawn-out sporting contest, perhaps a marathon. Many divorces have multiple and sometimes contested issues to sort through, and it is understandable why some impending exes don’t look beyond execution of a divorce decree when they assign finality to their decoupling. They simply want the process to end.

A commonplace reality underscoring divorce mandates, though, that some former partners must continue to focus on one or more select matters even after they are once again single and embarked on new lives.

Motor vehicle collisions: Be alert at Texas intersections

The days of driving for fun and leisure in Texas are nearly obsolete. While you may still have a favorite rural route that you enjoy traveling in your free time, most of the time you spend behind the wheel is commuting to and from work, running errands or other circumstances that often land you in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Avoiding motor vehicle collisions can be a great challenge, especially at intersections.

If a massive truck or other vehicle comes barreling through a red light at a crossroads, you might be navigating a turn and wind up in the back of an ambulance if the other driver hits you. Sadly, intersection collisions often result in serious or fatal injuries. That's why it's wise to be especially alert and cautious any time you approach a crossroad.

Distracted driving isn't new, but it's still just as deadly

The latest technological advances make it easier to stay in touch with friends and family, watch your favorite shows, shop at your favorite online retailer and more with a device that fits in your hand. If you are like most people, you don't own a desktop computer or have a landline in your home anymore. You may have a laptop computer, but you probably rely on your smartphone more than you would like to admit.

The downside of smartphones is that many people use them while they drive. Texting and driving has increased to an alarming level, and advocacy groups and governmental agencies are desperate to get the word out that people need to stop doing it. However, that effort may have overshadowed the fact that distracted driving isn't new and comes in many forms, not just texting and driving.

Health pandemic especially spotlights one estate planning focus

The unprecedented COVID-19 virus pandemic has fundamentally altered life for virtually all Americans, at least over the near term. Texas authorities have joined with other state regulators spanning the county in crafting stay-home and linked policies aimed at dramatically curbing the virus’ spread and clawing back a sense of social normalcy.

Businesses across the state have understandably made material adjustments during this singular time, including law firms that interact closely with the general public.

Focus on basic estate planning considerations

Today’s Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer blog post answers some basic questions that many individuals and families in Texas and across the United States often have when their thoughts turn to planning surrounding their loved ones.

Indeed, the term “estate planning” is almost a taboo utterance for legions of persons. A considerable number of people feel almost overwhelmed when they contemplate the planning universe.

Spotlighting liability linked with Texas’ dramshop law

Sometimes a given Texas legal matter featuring liability will closely depend on the proven culpability of one designated third party.

At other times, such is not the case, which we prominently note on our website at the experienced Killeen law firm of Michalk, Beatty & Alcozer. We stress therein that, “Personal injury law does not require you [an accident victim] to hold a single party responsible for what happened to you.”

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