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Delayed symptoms after a car accident should be taken seriously

Being in a car accident can leave anyone feeling shaken. At first, you may not think that you suffered any injuries, and after providing all the necessary information to the other driver and any police officers who arrived, you may still feel shaky but well enough to go home.

While it can be up to you whether to seek medical attention after a car accident, it is important to monitor yourself after the incident, even if you do not immediately believe that you were hurt. Some injuries can have delayed symptoms, and as a result, you may not feel the pain or discomfort of them until hours or days after the accident.

Could autonomous trucks be the key to safer roads?

Trucks are large, heavy vehicles that play an important role in the American economy and in Texas. They are also capable of causing significant damage in collisions with smaller vehicles thanks to the aforementioned size and mass. Truck accidents are a concern for every person on the road, and there is a lot of conjecture regarding what could reduce the number of these types of incidents. 

Autonomous vehicles are coming, and that also includes autonomous trucking. There are certain benefits to having trucks that could drive themselves to make deliveries, but there are also serious concerns that come with them, too. You may want to learn more about these vehicles and how they may be a key component to reducing accidents and making the roads safer for everyone.

Is a health care power of attorney really that important?

The short answer to this question is absolutely. Without a doubt, a power of attorney can save your life. It may seem a little dramatic that a document could do that, but in many cases of serious illness or injury, time is of the essence.

In the absence of powers of attorney for health care and finances, those closest to you must go before a Texas court in order to obtain the right to make decisions on your behalf. Your loved ones may not even be able to get the information they need about your condition without court permission first. Even with emergency court procedures that shorten the time, a lot could happen to your health and finances while they wait.

Are you eligible for VA disability benefits?

Even if you never saw battle during your military service, your enlistment demonstrated that you were ready to face danger to uphold the freedoms of our nation. During the course of your service, you faced countless risks, each with many opportunities for you to suffer serious or debilitating injuries.

If you returned home with an injury or illness resulting from your military training or active duty service, you may be fighting a different kind of battle while trying to obtain disability benefits from the Veterans Administration. Since these benefits may be critical to your financial stability, especially if you are struggling to pay medical expenses and can no longer work, understanding the application process and where to turn for help is critical.

Co-parenting through the school year

In a matter of days, your children will be heading back to school. You may want more than anything for this school year to start as smoothly as possible for both you and the kids. Any conflict between you and your ex may set a negative tone for the year, and you certainly want to avoid that.

In the days ahead, you may increase the chances of a peaceful sendoff if you and your former partner can break down any communication barriers and work out a plan. This may include spending time with your ex to identify the potential triggers and agreeing to a method for keeping the kids at the center of your decisions.

Is child support modification on your mind?

Though many individuals may feel relieved when their divorce proceedings come to an end, you likely knew that you would continue to have a connection with your ex-spouse because you two had children together. Though the child custody and support arrangements worked in your favor, you may still worry about what the future might hold.

It is common for individuals' circumstances to change as the years go by. As a result, the arrangements that may have seemed useful and feasible when your divorce case initially ended may no longer work in the best interests of the children later on. These changes could result in the need to modify child support arrangements.

How does an administration bond apply to closing an estate?

After the passing of your loved one, you may not have expected to find yourself being in charge of settling his or her final affairs. You may have learned that your loved one died without a will or did not appoint an executor even if he or she did create a will. As a result, the court chose an administrator, and you ended up in the position.

Though it may have come as somewhat unexpected, you accepted the role nonetheless. You may feel well equipped to handle the obligations ahead and do not feel that the estate administration process will cause you any undue hardships. Of course, certain elements of the process may seem confusing to you, so it is wise to gain information on the steps you will take during the proceedings, including posting an administration bond.

Injuries you could suffer in a car accident

Not all car accidents are fatal, but even those that seem minor can have long-term consequences. Even when no physical injuries occur, the trauma and mental distress of the incident can cause serious harm.

There is the concern that some of the injuries you suffered could have hidden symptoms that only become evident later, leaving your health at risk without your knowledge. For that reason, it is crucial to undergo a medical examination after any auto accident.

Texas roads would definitely be safer without distracted drivers

If you drive to and from work every day, you understand how stressful navigating high-traffic areas in Texas can be. You might adhere to all traffic regulations and try your best to stay alert and cautious behind the wheel. However, if a distracted driver is nearby, there may be little to nothing you can do to avoid a collision. Distracted drivers cause many fatal collisions in this state and across the country.

You can avoid distracted driving yourself and can teach new drivers in your household to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel at all times. You should be able to reasonably expect that motorists with whom you share the road would also be obeying traffic laws and safety regulations. A moment's distraction can cause a lifetime of devastation. When someone is negligent and causes injury to another, the victim can seek monetary judgment against him or her in court.

Does sibling rivalry have you concerned about estate planning?

Like most Texas parents, you love each of your children fully. Of course, you may not love the way that they have bickered and fought their entire lives. You may have pictured your children being the best of friends, but that did not turn out to be the case as sibling rivalry continued to get the best of them.

While you certainly tried to show your children that you loved them equally, the relationships between them may not have improved. Now that you are considering your estate plans, you may worry that this sibling rivalry will cause problems after your passing.

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