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Recognizing and treating a concussion

A slip-and-fall accident left you feeling bruised and shaken, but relatively unscathed – except for a nagging headache that suggests you must have hit your head during the fall. You do not even remember hitting your head because it all happened so fast. However, as you begin to feel worse, you worry about whether you should see a doctor and how a possible concussion might affect you both short- and long-term. You would not be alone. Concussions are a common, yet serious injury for countless people in Texas and elsewhere.

A concussion, states the Mayo Clinic, is a brain injury that occurs after a blow to the head. You do not have to strike your head particularly hard to get a mild or moderate concussion. Most patients recover fully from concussions, but it is important to recognize the symptoms and get the proper treatment. Disregarding the severity of your concussion can delay your recovery and may lead to ongoing complications.

Whiplash can cause long-lasting pain

After a rear-end crash, you are probably feeling fortunate. Considering the serious injuries caused by many motor vehicle accidents, you could have had it much worse. However, a day or two after your accident, you are starting to feel sore and stiff. Like many victims of rear-end collisions in Texas and elsewhere, you are likely suffering from whiplash.

No big deal, right? Most people who get whiplash recover fully on their own. This is not always the case, though. Sometimes, whiplash can cause pain for weeks or months. You might need treatment to reverse the damage or prescription pain relief, at the very least, to manage your symptoms until you heal.

Thanksgiving grocery shopping injuries

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means the holiday season is about to be in full swing. As you prepare for dinner parties and family functions, you are sure to take a lot of trips to the grocery store. While shopping at the supermarket may feel normal, it can sometimes lead to an injury.

Grocery shopping accidents are even more likely when there are bigger crowds and the weather gets worse. A simple trip to the supermarket can turn into a nightmare.  Read below for some important warnings, facts and tips about potential injuries while grocery shopping. 

The Stats On Trucking Accidents

It is the stuff of nightmares, but for too many people, a truck accident is a reality and not a bad dream. Texas leads the nation in the number of truck accident fatalities, a statistic that brings no pride to the Lone Star State. The state with the next highest number of commercial truck accident fatalities is California, with only half as many.


Texas residents, like their counterparts across the country, use their cars for practically everything - taking children to school, getting the groceries and getting to and fro from work, all requires the use of a functioning car and a driving license to drive the car. Without these, people will have to depend on public transport systems or cabs and both of these options cost money and are not time-efficient and this is what people have to rely on when they lose their driving license due to a drunk driving conviction.

Blowing over the legal limit does not mean your case is sunk

Many people in Kileen, Texas, and the greater Fort Hood area, even those who have not been directly involved with the criminal justice system, are probably aware of the ritual when a Texas officer stops someone on suspicion of DUI/DWI.

Typically, after the stop, the officer conducts field sobriety tests and maybe does a portable breath test. After that, the officer will take the suspect to a police station so they can blow until a device designed to measure alcohol on one's breath. If that machine shows more than .08 blood alcohol content, the person is arrested for DUI and, at least in the minds of many, really should go ahead and plead guilty to the charge because the machine does not lie.

How is pain and suffering calculated?

Being involved in a car accident leaves not only physical scars but also emotional ones. While the physical ones may appear to be healing, the emotional ones often take longer to recover from and may require some assistance to come to terms with. But with medical expenses and property damage bills piling up as a result of the accident, not many Texas residents consider getting their emotional well-being sorted out after a crash. This is where pursuing a personal injury claim against the negligent driver may be helpful.

When an accident victim is awarded damages as a result of their successful claim, they may be awarded damages of two types: special damages and general damages. Special damages are easily calculated, as they are related to a specific economic harm, such as loss of wages due to missed work, medical expenses and property damage. Getting the evidence to support a claim for special damages is relatively easy.

When truckers are distracted

Anytime you get behind the wheel of your car, you undoubtedly face distraction. Other motorists, children demanding attention and roadside attractions are just a few of the things that can divert your attention away from the immediate task at hand, and just as you face such distractions, so, too, do commercial truckers.

Because of the sheer size and weight of modern semi-trucks, however, the repercussions when truckers drive distracted may prove far more severe than they would for someone driving a traditional passenger car. Furthermore, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that more than 70 percent of trucker-involved accidents occur when the driver focuses on something other than the road directly ahead. Some of the most notable distractions taking trucker attention away from the roadway include:

3 mistakes to avoid after sustaining an injury

If you have ever been injured in a car accident, slip and fall or other dangerous situation, you likely know just how serious such an incident can be. Even if injuries are not immediately apparent, sustaining physical harm can have lasting consequences on your life and your health.

Unfortunately, the trauma of an injury often distracts victims from handling the situation in a way that ensures their protection. According to U.S. Courts, plaintiffs file close to 50,000 personal injury cases in a given year. Any injured person may have grounds for such a case, but there are a few major mistakes that can make things more difficult. Avoid the following missteps after an injury.

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