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You've been in an accident -- now what? Here's what to do.

A car has just struck your automobile at an intersection, and at the moment, you feel as though you are experiencing a living nightmare. You feel fearful and in pain. Then, when you discover that the accident was the result of the other driver's carelessness, that fear turns into anger.

Unfortunately, sometimes, a motorist's carelessness will cause an accident that results in life-disrupting injuries. Fortunately, though, if you end up hurt in a car crash caused by another person in Texas, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. Here are some important steps to take following the accident to protect your best interests.

As a grandparent, is it possible to secure custody or visitation?

When Texas parents go through a divorce, it can have a significant impact on the relationships the children have with their parents. However, it can also have a significant impact on other relationships the kids have with extended family members, such as grandparents. A divorce, family disputes and poor decisions by parents can sometimes compel grandparents to seek custody or visitation rights.

If you are a grandparent, you might have concerns about how the choices made by the parents could affect the relationship you have with your grandkids. While courts typically favor the opinions of the biological parents, there are times when grandparents can obtain visitation or even custody. These situations can be remarkably complex, which is why it is often beneficial to seek the guidance and support of an experienced family law attorney before you proceed.

What is most relevant in the decision to contest a will?

A testator (sometimes called grantor or creator) often leaves nothing to chance concerning the drafting and execution of a will. He or she works in a timely manner with proven legal counsel to ensure that all important estate planning elements are sufficiently addressed, coupled with legal formalities being tightly observed.

In a nutshell, all key considerations are adequately dealt with, and the desired outcome concerning heirs, loved ones and other third parties is fully realized.

The importance of positive communication after divorce

The end of your marriage will change your life in many ways, and you know that this will bring significant changes for the youngest members of your family as well. As a concerned Texas parent, you may believe that co-parenting offers your family the opportunity to maintain some continuity of lifestyle that could benefit your children. While there are many benefits to this type of custody plan, there can also be some difficulties associated with it as well.

One of the most difficult aspects of making co-parenting work well is good communication. When two parents are able to maintain positive communication, it is better for the children. Negative communication can have a negative impact on the kids, causing them stress and emotional duress. To communicate well, both parents may have to set aside their own feelings and work together for the good of the children.

What goes in a complete estate plan?

A new year and a new decade may mean you are making plans for big changes in your life. These changes may go beyond the usual resolutions you make and break every year, such as losing weight, paying down debt or watching less TV. You are thinking of taking steps that will have a lasting impact for you and your family.

If you have put off making an estate plan, the end of 2019 may be the motivation you need to get started on this important journey. However, like many in Texas, you may have no idea where to start or know what you actually need in your estate plan. Having a general understanding of the critical documents in a complete plan is the first step.

Are you still not feeling well, days after a collision?

No matter how alert and cautious you are behind the wheel, unexpected issues on a Texas roadway can turn an otherwise uneventful trip into tragic circumstances. Perhaps you were entering an intersection on a green light when another vehicle blew through a red light and slammed into your driver's side door. Maybe a drunk driver drifted across the yellow line and hit you head-on.

Surviving a motor vehicle accident doesn't necessarily mean you are okay. In fact, many injuries are not immediately apparent. That's why it's so important to monitor your condition in the hours and days that follow a collision. If you notice any signs of trouble, such as symptoms that suggest a brain injury, you'll want to seek a medical examination as soon as possible and make sure the doctor knows you were recently in a car accident.

MADD: Texas the top entrant on an undesirable list

This calculation supplied by the Texas Department of Transportation prominently leads a recent media report and is just startling for its sadness and implications.

The DOT stunningly notes that, “Every 20 minutes, someone on a Texas roadway is injured or killed in an accident involving alcohol.”

Is the truck driver next to you using illegal drugs?

Part of the reason that driving a big rig is a tough job is due to the amount of responsibility, the isolation and the long hours. You would expect truck drivers to take seriously their duty to everyone on the road, and many do, but others turn to illegal substances just to make it through the day.

The governmental agencies overseeing the trucking industry do what they can to make sure that those behind the wheel of these massive vehicles are not taking illegal drugs, but some say the testing method widely used in the industry is inadequate. In fact, the Trucking Alliance, also called the Alliance for Driver Safety & Security, says that somewhere around 300,000 truckers should not drive due to drug use.

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