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Is this your first back-to-school season after divorce?

If you're one of many Texas parents who filed for divorce in recent months, you and your children have no doubt been doing your best to adapt to a new lifestyle. You hopefully have a strong support system in place, as this is typically the key to being able to cope with major life changes that often occur because of divorce.

Maybe you and your kids have been talking about how to move on without dwelling on the past, and how to remember that, although your circumstances have changed, you, them and their other parent are still a family. It's good to keep this in mind when the back-to-school season arrives. It is also wise to discuss important issues with your ex in order to navigate the school year ahead with as little co-parent stress as possible.

Did an aggressive dog cause you injury?

You might be one of many dog lovers in Texas. Nowadays, it's not uncommon for people to treat their beloved dog pets like members of their families. Some people even dress their dogs in human-style clothing or place a dog's paw print as a signature in a greeting card. Whether you're an over-the-top dog enthusiast or don't have anything against dogs but merely tolerate them, it is important to know whether a particular dog might be posing a risk to your safety.

You can never predict animal behavior any more than you can do so in humans. However, dogs do have certain ways of showing that they are bothered, feel threatened or are afraid. Learning to recognize signs of aggression in dogs may help keep you safe, especially if you encounter a dog you are not familiar with in your travels.

Will Agent Orange presumptive conditions finally be expanded?

Many national lawmakers and veterans' organizations have been forcefully pushing the U.S. government for years to expand the list of conditions that presumptively qualify afflicted servicemembers for Agent Orange-linked disability benefits.

Their efforts have been routinely unavailing.

Texas pedestrians at risk for motor vehicle collisions

Most of the time, you might travel throughout Texas by way of motor vehicle. Whether you're commuting to and from work each day, driving your kids to friends' houses or sporting events, or running errands in your community, your car is no doubt your main means of transportation. However, you might enjoy traveling as a pedestrian on occasion as well.

It's nice to take an evening stroll or walk around town on a weekend. Maybe you and your friends like to meet up for lunch and do a little window shopping while you're at it. You might also be one of many Texas residents who walk for exercise. Sadly, many motor vehicle collisions involve pedestrians.

Spotlighting a family law protection for servicemembers

It’s one thing to receive notice of mandatory attendance at an upcoming judicial hearing if you live a few blocks from the courthouse.

It’s quite another if you’re deployed on active duty as a military member serving in a remote overseas area.

Stalled in-person exams for disabled vets back on track

Here’s a jump in numbers: a spike from 65,000 to 114,000, which spells an increase of nearly 50,000 and a percentage leap of close to 60%.

That’s not good news when it concerns stalled veterans’ cases related to disability-linked benefits.

Is it time to review your will?

While Texas has some of the most flexible laws when it comes to executing wills, that does not change the fact that writing a will can be a difficult and emotional task. This is why many who take the courageous step to write a will may feel some sense of relief, tuck the will away and get on with their lives. However, if you have an old will that you haven't reviewed lately, you may be placing your family at risk.

A will is not a stagnant document any more than life is stagnant. With each passing year, lives change, family dynamics alter, and people come and go. If you look at your life now compared to the person you were when you executed your will, you may agree that there are some profound differences that could affect the terms of your will. This is why it is important to review and revise your will periodically.

Summers often see rise in divorce filings

Over the past few months, like many in Texas and across the country, you may be spending more time than usual with your spouse and children with few diversions or distractions. For some, this has been a bonding experience. For others, however, this unprecedented time has served only to exacerbate already tense relationships and bring to the surface irreconcilable differences.

If you are among the many who have decided you no longer want to be married to your spouse, you may be eager to get the process over with so you can start your new life. However, there are some important steps to take before and after you file so you can minimize any post-divorce struggle you may face.

Seasonal injury risk focus turns to water-linked events

Modern life is fast-paced and frenetic. Successfully negotiating it requires the exercise of due care and fundamental prudence across many dimensions.

One of those is injury prevention. Of course, most of us don’t step out the door each morning to confront an unending series of potential dangers. Still, there are enough injury catalysts in daily life to duly sound some alarm bells.

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