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Get help after drugged driving, or other, allegations

One of the core tenants of our law office's criminal defense practice is that we recognize that good, productive members of the Fort Hood and Killeen areas can wind up facing criminal charges.

A person can have one too many drinks while out with friends celebrating an important occasion. At other times, as a previous post reported, a person might even wind up facing a DUI simply because he or she legally took prescription medicine in the correct dose but just did not realize how the medicine would impact him or her. In other cases, a person may have honestly succumbed to a closet addiction but has a clean record and deserves another chance.

What if I am pulled over after taking my own medicine?

To follow up on a previous post, a Killeen resident can be charged with driving while intoxicated, referred to as a DWI or, sometimes, an OWI, if he or she operates a motor vehicle while "intoxicated" on any drug or alcohol. This includes one's own legally prescribed medication, taken according to the doctor's instructions.

So, if a Texas resident gets pulled over, he or she should expect that the officer will run through a standard investigation and decide whether or not to pursue a DWI charge which, incidentally, carries with it similar penalties to a straight-up drunk driving charge. Explaining to the officer that a person was taking his or her own medicine will not help and may even hurt one's case.

Not all medications are safe to take before driving

Like many Americans, you find yourself needing to take a prescription. As you take your first dose, you notice the warning on the label that tells you not to operate a vehicle after taking the medicine. However, you need to drive to get to work and run your errands. It is simply not feasible to rely on others for rides or take public transportation, especially if you must take this medication long-term. What are the dangers that you and other Texans might face while driving after taking certain medications?

One of the most common side effects of some prescription and over-the-counter drugs is drowsiness, cautions the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Medications that could cause you to become sleepy behind the wheel can include antihistamines, cold medicine, narcotic pain relievers, antidepressants and, of course, sleeping aids. However, drowsiness is not the only possible adverse effect you could experience from taking a medication. Your driving may also be impaired in the following ways:

  • Jitteriness and difficulty focusing or concentrating
  • Blurred vision
  • Seizures or fainting

The rights of military members in child support cases

As is the case with other types of litigation, active members of the United States military, including those who live in and work at Fort Hood and Killeen, have special rights when it comes to child custody and child support matters.

Among these rights, perhaps the most important is that, under federal law, a member of the military may under certain circumstances request that a court or administrative agency stay legal proceedings, including proceedings pertaining to child support, when the solider or sailor cannot be present due to his or her military obligations.

Report: attorneys have positive impact on SSD applications

Many residents of the Kileen and Fort Hood area unfortunately are struggling with illnesses or injuries that keep them out of work. Many of these Texans want to work but cannot, and they have to eventually look for other means of financial support. Oftentimes, they may turn to the disability programs of the Social Security Administration in hopes of qualifying for monthly SSD benefits.

It is no secret that, more often than not, a person's initial application for disability benefits will get denied, even if in reality they are an excellent candidate for benefits. It is simply difficult for the first person who looks at the application to get a full picture of a person's life, and the tendency is for that person to deny the application as a result.

Tips on avoiding a drowsy driving crash

Many American don't get enough sleep. Aside from causing people to feel tired all the time, sleep deprivation can cause serious issues. This is especially true when it comes to driving.

Some might assume that drowsy driving is only a problem if drivers are taking long car rides. This is not the case. Driving tired for any duration can have the potential to cause traffic safety risks. Sleep-related accidents are also more common than you might think. Every year, about 100,000 collisions, 71,000 injuries and 1,550 fatalities are attributed to drowsy driving. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 60 percent of adult drivers polled admitted to driving while drowsy at least once in the past year, while 37 percent admitted to having fallen asleep while driving. Thirteen percent said drowsy driving affected them at least once a month.

We realize that good people make big mistakes

Most of the people who live in Fort Hood and Killeen are generally good people who try to follow the laws of both Texas and the federal government. However, whether it is something as simple as a speeding ticket or a more serious problem, like too many drinks on a Friday or Saturday night, even good people make mistakes.

Our law office caters to first-time offenders and others who, in reality, are trying to live decent lives but may have gotten caught driving on a night after they had enough to drink to put them under the suspicion of driving drunk.

A second of distracted driving can cause a crash

While most residents of the Killeen and Fort Hood areas probably recognize that it takes some time and distance to stop a car, they may not really stop to think exactly how long a car or, especially, a large commercial vehicle like a truck is going to travel before it is able to stop.

Specifically, a car traveling at a highway speed of 65 miles per hour is going to need a little over 300 feet, or about the length of a football field, to come to a complete stop. This distance accounts for two things: first, it takes a driver a split second or two to actually hit the brakes in order to stop the car; second, the laws of physics and momentum mean that the car is going to travel several hundred feet before it actually stops.

Can your will planning prevent a family dispute?

Like many parents, you hope that your loved ones will remember you fondly after your death, instead of arguing over their inheritance. Unfortunately, funeral services are often followed by fights for many families in Texas and elsewhere. Your children may not be close, or emotions might be running high after your death, which can cause stress and contention. You will want to help your family members avoid a dispute after your death.

It may be uncomfortable to approach the subject of your mortality, but this kind of estate planning is important for adults of all ages. As AARP explains, will disputes among family members occur more often than you might think. The following tips could help preserve harmony among your loved ones:

  • Be conscientious when selecting the executor of your will. This is usually a family member – often an eldest child – whom you can trust to make wise financial decisions and honor your wishes.
  • If you are afraid a relative might enter your home and take items without permission, have your locks changed and give a key to your executor or put it in a safe deposit box.
  • Hold a family meeting to discuss how to divide your treasured possessions and heirlooms. This can encourage your loved ones to civilly name items they would like, rather than argue over them later.
  • Be clear and specific with each point in your will, so there is little room for dispute.
  • Think about giving away some things while you are alive. This option gives you the benefit of seeing your loved ones enjoy them.
  • Be sure to update your will with any significant change in your family or financial circumstances.

Do I have to take field sobriety tests?

Several previous posts on this blog have discussed what sorts of field sobriety tests a Killeen, Texas resident might be asked to take if he or she is pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving.

The key things to remember about these tests are first, that the police can and will use them in any ensuing DUI/DWI charge they intend to pursue.

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