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Protecting your future after an intoxicated manslaughter charge

A previous post on this blog talked about what a Texas prosecutor must prove in order to convict a Killeen or Fort Hood resident of intoxicated manslaughter.

Those who read this post might have realized that intoxicated manslaughter is a serious crime that could, in a manner of speaking, happen to them. Even if a Texas resident has no history of trouble with the law, if he or she allegedly had one drink too many and winds up involved in a deadly car accident, then he or she is likely going to be facing months or even years in jail.

Being left-handed may be another reason to drive with caution

You already know that it can be a pain simply to exist as a left-handed person in a right-handed world. Writing with a pencil is messy and awkward, and forget using many of the tools and appliances that right-handed people take for granted. You and other Texas lefties might not think that your dominant hand makes a difference when you drive. However, there have been some recent studies that may suggest otherwise.

According to HowStuffWorks, numerous studies over the decades claim that left-handed people are more likely to be accident-prone than righties, although some results may contradict themselves. You might agree, though. With everything manufactured with the right-handed person in mind – except for the rare novelty made specifically for lefties – it can be easy to have a mishap when using a right-handed tool or trying to follow rules and customs meant for the majority of the population. On the other hand, you might pride yourself in the ability to be at least a little ambidextrous, as all your life you have learned to compensate and adjust with what comes naturally to you.

Killeen-area motorcycle ride raises awareness

The annual Do You See Me Now Motorcycle Ride, which has been taking place annually for the past 7 years, brought 500 motorcyclists to the Killeen community recently.

As the name of the event implies, the goal of the ride is to raise awareness among the community about how important it is that other motorists on the Texas roadways be on the alert for motorcyclists and use caution when driving around them.

The elements of intoxicated manslaughter in Texas

No resident of the Killeen and Fort Hood areas wants to have to be deal with a drunk driving charge, even if it is a first-time offense. However, the matter is made all the worse if the person accused was also involved in a fatal accident. In such cases, in addition to a DUI/DWI charge, a person can also face a charge of intoxicated manslaughter.

Intoxicated manslaughter is legally described as "intoxication manslaughter" under the relevant state statute. In order to be convicted, the prosecution must prove that the person accused was driving while legally intoxicated. Moreover, the prosecutor also has to demonstrate that the driver's intoxication caused the fatality.

The difference between SSDI and SSI

Although residents of Killeen and Fort Hood might not realize it, the Social Security Administration actually has two programs under which it awards disability benefits, each of which works slightly differently from the other.

For instance, the Social Security Disability Insurance program, or SSDI, acts as kind of an option for a Texas resident to get early access to the Social Security they've contributed to through their work, provided of course that they are disabled and otherwise eligible for benefits. How much a person can get each month in benefits will depend on how much money they've fed in to the Social Security system.

How common is substance abuse among commercial truckers?

As someone who regularly drives in Texas, you cannot help but encounter commercial trucks on the roadway, but if you are like many motorists, you may feel ill at ease when they come around. Because of their size and weight, trucks often win when they collide with smaller passenger vehicles, making sharing the road with semi-trucks dangerous even under the best possible conditions.

When truckers abuse substances while on the clock, however, whether they include alcohol, amphetamines or what have you, sharing the road with these vehicles becomes even more dangerous and potentially deadly. Just how common is substance abuse in the commercial trucking industry?

Overview of the paternity process in Texas

Unmarried men in the Killeen and Fort Hood areas may find that they are going to be the biological father of a child.

Whether this was expected or comes as a surprise, it is important for these new dads to remember that they have to take additional legal steps if they want to have a right to build a relationship with their child. Otherwise, the rights that they have to see their child are solely at the discretion of the child's mother, as she is the only parent with legal standing in Texas, at least at the moment of the child's birth.

Underage DUI charges in Texas

A resident of the Killeen and Fort Hood area probably knows that he or she is going to potentially be in for some legal trouble if he or she happens to get pulled over after having a few drinks with some friends.

After all, any DUI/DWI conviction in this state, even for a first-time offense, can carry with it the potential of jail time, probation, a license suspension and a lot of expense in terms of fines and other costs.

Do I have a say in what my ex spends child support on?

It can be difficult financially to pay child support, but you understand that it is for the benefit of your children. Naturally, you want to make sure that your ex-spouse is putting the money you pay to good use. Like many other noncustodial parents in Texas who pay child support, you might have concerns if you believe your ex is being frivolous with the money.

There is a difference between disagreeing with how your ex spends child support and being able to do something about it, as FindLaw explains.

The most common type of distracted driving is surprising

Texting and driving has received a lot of attention both in the media and in the halls of government, including the Texas Legislature, of late, and it is little surprise that such is the case.

After all, this sort of behavior is dangerous because it takes a person's mind and even eyes off the road, leaving them completely unaware that they are about to rear-end a vehicle, hit a pedestrian or otherwise cause a very serious or even fatal accident.

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