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Is child support modification on your mind?

Though many individuals may feel relieved when their divorce proceedings come to an end, you likely knew that you would continue to have a connection with your ex-spouse because you two had children together. Though the child custody and support arrangements worked in your favor, you may still worry about what the future might hold.

It is common for individuals' circumstances to change as the years go by. As a result, the arrangements that may have seemed useful and feasible when your divorce case initially ended may no longer work in the best interests of the children later on. These changes could result in the need to modify child support arrangements.

How does an administration bond apply to closing an estate?

After the passing of your loved one, you may not have expected to find yourself being in charge of settling his or her final affairs. You may have learned that your loved one died without a will or did not appoint an executor even if he or she did create a will. As a result, the court chose an administrator, and you ended up in the position.

Though it may have come as somewhat unexpected, you accepted the role nonetheless. You may feel well equipped to handle the obligations ahead and do not feel that the estate administration process will cause you any undue hardships. Of course, certain elements of the process may seem confusing to you, so it is wise to gain information on the steps you will take during the proceedings, including posting an administration bond.

Injuries you could suffer in a car accident

Not all car accidents are fatal, but even those that seem minor can have long-term consequences. Even when no physical injuries occur, the trauma and mental distress of the incident can cause serious harm.

There is the concern that some of the injuries you suffered could have hidden symptoms that only become evident later, leaving your health at risk without your knowledge. For that reason, it is crucial to undergo a medical examination after any auto accident.

Texas roads would definitely be safer without distracted drivers

If you drive to and from work every day, you understand how stressful navigating high-traffic areas in Texas can be. You might adhere to all traffic regulations and try your best to stay alert and cautious behind the wheel. However, if a distracted driver is nearby, there may be little to nothing you can do to avoid a collision. Distracted drivers cause many fatal collisions in this state and across the country.

You can avoid distracted driving yourself and can teach new drivers in your household to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel at all times. You should be able to reasonably expect that motorists with whom you share the road would also be obeying traffic laws and safety regulations. A moment's distraction can cause a lifetime of devastation. When someone is negligent and causes injury to another, the victim can seek monetary judgment against him or her in court.

Does sibling rivalry have you concerned about estate planning?

Like most Texas parents, you love each of your children fully. Of course, you may not love the way that they have bickered and fought their entire lives. You may have pictured your children being the best of friends, but that did not turn out to be the case as sibling rivalry continued to get the best of them.

While you certainly tried to show your children that you loved them equally, the relationships between them may not have improved. Now that you are considering your estate plans, you may worry that this sibling rivalry will cause problems after your passing.

A spendthrift trust can control the spending of heirs

You spent a significant part of your life working to earn money. Perhaps you saved and invested so that you would have a little something-or a lot of something-to leave to your children. Like many in Texas who have this dream, it may give you joy to think of your children and grandchildren benefiting from your hard work and sacrifices. You may be ready to create an estate plan that will allow them to reap those benefits.

However, taxes may not be the most critical threat to your goals. Too often, those who obtain a large amount of unexpected money make foolish decisions that may lead to financial disaster. They buy extravagant homes or allow unscrupulous people to talk them into fraudulent investments. They quit their jobs. For some, this means bankruptcy or worse. If it is your hope that your children will make some use of their inheritance, you may want to consider a spendthrift trust.

Have you planned for possible incapacitation?

If you are like most people, when you think about estate planning you think about a plan that addresses what you would like to happen after you die. Some estate planning tools, such as wills and trusts, do allow this. However, a complete estate plan addresses much more than your after-death wishes.

One of the other purposes of an estate plan is to address what you would like to happen if you are alive but are unable to communicate your wishes. Advance Directives are a group of legal documents that allow you to make known your wishes specifically regarding medical care. Several different legal documents can help you do this, and they generally work well together. However, the two most common advance directives are living wills and medical powers of attorney.

A recent crash draws attention to school bus safety and liability

Although children are generally safer riding buses than they are in cars, they don't escape every accident unharmed. The injuries your child suffers could lead to bills you can't afford - even with proper insurance.

Recently, a Killeen school bus was involved in a three-car crash at the intersection of State Highway 195 and Cactus Spur. Although the bus driver and students were all reportedly unharmed, the accident raises the question: Who pays for the medical bills if your child is injured in a school bus crash?

Are the high speed limits of Texas roads too dangerous?

Here in the Lone Star State, highways are kind of our thing. You won't find speed limits this high in any other state. I-35 and I-14 don't quite match up to Highway 130-but you can still drive pretty fast around the Killeen area.

You might be interested in knowing how these speed limits affect safety. Faster driving leads to a higher chance of fatal accidents.

How pedestrians and drivers can avoid accidents

Texas continues to rank among the national leaders in pedestrian deaths.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 5,977 pedestrians in were killed nationally in traffic accidents in 2017. In Texas, 607 pedestrians died in 2017, or 16.3 percent of all traffic fatalities in the state that year. Only California and Florida had more.

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