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Killeen man accused of drunk driving, manslaughter

A Killeen man now faces intoxication manslaughter and drunk driving charges in connection with a fatal accident a few weeks ago on a frontage road near Interstate 35. The accident happened in Georgetown, Texas, which is less than one hour from the Killeen and Fort Hood areas.

License reinstatement after a drunk driving conviction

Even a first-time offender in the Killeen area faces a real possibility of a license suspension following a conviction for drunk driving. This can be a huge inconvenience for many people, and it may even spell the end of one's livelihood if the person cannot get to and from work.

How we can help those arrested on drunk driving charges

A person need not be an expert in criminal law to know that getting a drunk driving conviction can be a serious affair. Even for a first-time offender who was simply stopped by a police officer after having a few drinks with friends, a conviction can mean a lot of hardship in both the short term and the long term.

The elements of intoxicated manslaughter in Texas

No resident of the Killeen and Fort Hood areas wants to have to be deal with a drunk driving charge, even if it is a first-time offense. However, the matter is made all the worse if the person accused was also involved in a fatal accident. In such cases, in addition to a DUI/DWI charge, a person can also face a charge of intoxicated manslaughter.

Underage DUI charges in Texas

A resident of the Killeen and Fort Hood area probably knows that he or she is going to potentially be in for some legal trouble if he or she happens to get pulled over after having a few drinks with some friends.

What if I am pulled over after taking my own medicine?

To follow up on a previous post, a Killeen resident can be charged with driving while intoxicated, referred to as a DWI or, sometimes, an OWI, if he or she operates a motor vehicle while "intoxicated" on any drug or alcohol. This includes one's own legally prescribed medication, taken according to the doctor's instructions.

We realize that good people make big mistakes

Most of the people who live in Fort Hood and Killeen are generally good people who try to follow the laws of both Texas and the federal government. However, whether it is something as simple as a speeding ticket or a more serious problem, like too many drinks on a Friday or Saturday night, even good people make mistakes.

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