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Not all medications are safe to take before driving

Like many Americans, you find yourself needing to take a prescription. As you take your first dose, you notice the warning on the label that tells you not to operate a vehicle after taking the medicine. However, you need to drive to get to work and run your errands. It is simply not feasible to rely on others for rides or take public transportation, especially if you must take this medication long-term. What are the dangers that you and other Texans might face while driving after taking certain medications?

Can your will planning prevent a family dispute?

Like many parents, you hope that your loved ones will remember you fondly after your death, instead of arguing over their inheritance. Unfortunately, funeral services are often followed by fights for many families in Texas and elsewhere. Your children may not be close, or emotions might be running high after your death, which can cause stress and contention. You will want to help your family members avoid a dispute after your death.

Is ending a toxic marriage a New Year's resolution?

Now that 2018 is here, it is time to start working on your resolutions. Perhaps you have plans to exercise more, improve your diet or give up smoking. But is ending your marriage on the list? If so, you are not alone. According to the Huffington Post, divorce rates skyrocket in January

Steps to take if you are injured in a car crash

Car accidents often lead to personal injury, and this can be the start of a long, painful journey if you are the injured party. From the moment the police arrive to inspect the scene of the accident and make a report, you are now in a complicated web of insurance claims, paperwork and quite possibly false accusations. 

Recognizing and treating a concussion

A slip-and-fall accident left you feeling bruised and shaken, but relatively unscathed – except for a nagging headache that suggests you must have hit your head during the fall. You do not even remember hitting your head because it all happened so fast. However, as you begin to feel worse, you worry about whether you should see a doctor and how a possible concussion might affect you both short- and long-term. You would not be alone. Concussions are a common, yet serious injury for countless people in Texas and elsewhere.

Whiplash can cause long-lasting pain

After a rear-end crash, you are probably feeling fortunate. Considering the serious injuries caused by many motor vehicle accidents, you could have had it much worse. However, a day or two after your accident, you are starting to feel sore and stiff. Like many victims of rear-end collisions in Texas and elsewhere, you are likely suffering from whiplash.

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