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March 2017 Archives

Comparing SSD benefits to private disability insurance

There are many questions and complexities that can arise when looking at Social Security disability cases. In general, if you have worked, and therefore paid enough money into the Social Security system over a certain amount of time, you may qualify for SSD benefits if all other requirements are met. However, it can involve a lengthy and complex process. Having an attorney at your side to represent your interests can be helpful, in some cases.

Field sobriety testing during a DUI/DWI stop

Field sobriety tests are administered by law enforcement officials to individuals suspected of driving while under the influence of alcohol. In Texas and other jurisdictions throughout the country field sobriety tests are often administered on the sides of the roads where the suspected drunk drivers are stopped. This post will generally discuss the types of tests individuals may face when stopped for suspected drunk driving and what those tests attempt to prove.

Watch out for these factors in construction zone accidents

Construction zones can contain a number of hazards for the drivers who pass by or through them. A significant portion of car accidents occurs in or near construction work areas. Knowing about these potential hazards can help you watch out for them and stay safe.

How is child custody determined?

There is no doubt that things can be very difficult for all parties involved when it comes to a divorce. The former promise of a lifetime of love and happiness did not turn out as everyone had hoped, and a couple may feel like a failure. But if there are children involved from the marriage, it was never a total failure.

What are the grounds for divorce in Texas?

Sometimes, despite the best intentions a couple has when they get married, their life circumstances can change throughout the course of their marriage and they may decide it is necessary to end their union. While getting a divorce is a very personal decision, it needs to be based on some sort of legal reason. Texas law lists a number of grounds on which a married couple may divorce.

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